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FAQs, Resources & Forms

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​What are questions to ask a potential provider?

You can ask how they keep up with the latest research, what kinds of medications they prescribe, and their experience with your symptoms and situation. But remember - good rapport with the provider might be the most important part of your care!

How do nurse practitioners compare with psychiatrists?

Psychiatrists go through medical school, with more hours experience; nurses often work alongside clients before becoming a practitioner. Both are trained on diagnosis and medication treatment and both provide quality care. However, a nurse practitioner's nursing background of partnership, advocacy, and care coordination - taking care of those little details that doctors often hand off - helps a nurse practitioner focus on the whole client to make care easier and more customized to what you need.

How experienced are you with kids and teens?

Our provider has professional and personal experience navigating mental healthcare for kids, and knows how hard it is to be a parent and how frustrating the diagnosis and treatment process can be. Our practice uses a developmental and trauma-informed approach so that your child's treatment plan has the right balance of medication, therapy, nutrition, and collaboration with other professional services.

How do I set up a new client appointment?

Easy! Call us or text us at (480) 630-4434. We'll call you to get some basic info including whether telemedicine or in-person would be best, and email you a link to fill out new patient paperwork before your first visit.


Support Hotlines

National Suicide Hotline Call or text 988

Maricopa County EMPACT Crisis Team  Call 480-784-1500

Mental Health Resources

NAMI  Helpline: 800-950-6264

SAMHSA  Hotline: 800-662-4357

Parenting Approaches

Nurtured Heart Approach

Other Links

ADHD publication

Sleep Hygiene

Health & Science Podcast

Huberman Lab with Andrew Huberman

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